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Hanse luxury topper WELTBETT Inside

Smooth luxury for refining the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside with the antibacterial Hanse luxury topper WELTBETT Inside

  • 5cm reversible topper with pressure-relieving visco- and ultra-soft nub profile foam side
  • Anti-bacterial equipment of the topper for soothing sleep
  • Textile frame with two zippers for seamless integration into the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside

Attention: Due to delayed deliveries, some widths are already sold out at the moment. They can therefore only be delivered again from 15.5. onwards.
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The modern way to refine sleep
A little luxury is a must: The topper with a lush 5cm product height. It has a textile frame to extend the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside and thus fits perfectly into the mattress. The visco-foam side provides ideal pressure relief and comfortable lying. The nubbed profile foam side ensures the ultimate soft lying feeling. And especially for allergy sufferers: all materials are Oekotex 100 certified, free of harmful substances and with antibacterial features for special protection during the particularly sensitive relaxation at night. In addition, a luxury volume weight 40, for ideal pressure relief and body adaptation.
Why the topper?
Mattress toppers are still relatively new in Germany, but have been an important part of every bed in the Anglo-Saxon world for 20 years. Today, mattress toppers continue to offer this fluffy luxury, and those who have come to appreciate them will not want to miss them afterwards. The luxury topper WELTBETT Inside is equipped with additional functions: two zips for perfect integration into the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside, one side with visco-foam for pressure relief, a particularly soft side with HR-foam, as well as the antibacterial equipment offer clearly more specific applications than the traditional duvet. In addition, the additional height of 5cm is a comfort feature that makes it easier to get in and out of the bed.
Our best-selling special equipment
The Topper offers ideal pressure relief for optimum sleeping comfort. It increases your product by 5cm. With this optional extra, the mattress reaches a total height of 28cm - absolutely worthy of the luxury hotel class.
THE TOPPER is delivered with an extension of the textile side frame of the mattress for a perfect hold. These are simply connected to the mattress with two zippers - you don't have any choppy corner bands or bulky aprons, but a product as if from one piece. Washable up to 60 °C. With Ökotex, antibacterial equipment ideally suitable for house dust allergy sufferers.
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