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Hanse Basis WELTBETT Inside

To complete the luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside the WELTBETT Inside base for confident getting in and out without lumbago

  • 10cm base mattress heightening for easy getting in and out
  • Textile frame with two zips for seamless integration into luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside
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The modern way to refine sleep
A little luxury is a must: THE BASIS with a generous 10cm product height. It has a textile frame to extend the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside and thus fits perfectly into the mattress. The comfort foam mixture is manufactured for a stable base in the particularly robust compression hardness of 60 kPA (for 40% compression). The base offers an absolutely stable lying sensation. And especially for allergy sufferers: all materials are Oekotex 100 certified, free of harmful substances and with antibacterial equipment for special protection during the particularly sensitive recovery at night. Getting in and out of bed without shifting the centre of gravity - more comfortable until you never get in and out of bed.
Why the BASIS?
An absolute innovation from Hanse: You can zip the base under the mattress like a booster seat. Competitive athletes, back convalescents, senior citizens and simply lifestyle-conscious luxury lovers will quickly appreciate the 10cm higher entry height: Comfortable and safe from bullets - you can't get in and out more confidently. The base is supplied with an extension to the textile mattress frame. The base is seamlessly integrated into the Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside by means of two zips. Manufactured under ongoing quality control, the Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI and Business Environmental Performance Initiative BEPI.
Our most innovative special equipment
The BASIS increases your product by 10cm. The Hanse luxury mattress WELTBETT Inside comes with this special equipment to a total height of 33cm - absolutely worthy of the luxury hotel class.
THE BASE is delivered with an extension of the textile side frame of the mattress for a perfect hold. These are simply connected to the mattress with two zippers - you don't have any choppy corner bands or bulky aprons, but a product as if made from one piece. Washable up to 60 °C. With Ökotex, antibacterial equipment ideally suitable for house dust allergy sufferers.
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