Our recommendations on cleaning our products



For the laundering of our products, especially the Mattress Toppers, the capacity of the washing machine and the tumble dryer should be at least 35kg. An even higher capacity would be recommendable. To prevent any damage from the product and to ensure proper re-fluffing after washing / drying, the washing machine and/or the tumble dryer should be filled up with maximum 25% of its total loading-capacity!


The main washing should be done at a temperature of 40°C in a “gentle washing” modus (less motion / much relaxation) for approx. 15-20 minutes. Afterwards rinse 4 times without any detergents, each rinsing cycle with a duration of approx. 5 minutes. The third and fourth cycle should be done with a high water level. After completion of the fourth cycle, spin the product at high rotation speed.


Only mild detergents are to be used and also the dosage should be kept to a minimum => max. 30 cubic-centimetres per kilogram! After washing, the detergents have to be rinsed out completely, as otherwise the filling material might stick together during the drying process.


To ensure best possible outturn, the drying of all Hanse Bedding Products has to be executed very cautiously, which means that they must NOT be dried at a temperature exceeding 60°C. The drum of the dryer has to oscillate (the direction of rotation has to change randomly) during the drying process. It is of high importance to carefully attend to these guidelines as any deviation could have a highly negative impact on the products (shrinkage, but also in regards to the spreading ability of i.e. the synthetic fibres)!


- do not bleach the product no ironing
- no ironing of filled products or protectors
- no mangling / hot pressing of filled products or protectors
- no chemical additives / cleaning of filled products or protectors
- wash filled products and protectors once every few months / once per season


100% cotton linens have to be ironed. Blends (50:50 or 60:40 cotton:poly) can be, but do not have to be ironed (and they last longer if you do NOT iron them): Remove products from the dryer right after the first cool down cycle - products still very (boiling) hot and residual moisture of approx. 6%. Simply fold products evenly. With drying of the residual moisture the product stays flat. For best results, add a high quality, bio degradable fabric softener in the washing process.