Hanse Vacuum Storage Bag

Hanse Vacuum Storage Bag

Protect your spare! The Vaccuum Storage Bag is easy to store and protects against damages and humidty. 

Delivery Time 8 Business Days 

14.86£ incl. MwSt.


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Better! The sizes are huge and you can fit a lot of storage inside. Great price as well.

9 months 1 week ago

I recently wanted to store away our winter blankets and get ready for the much needed warm weather. The storage bags let you perserve space and the blankets are proctected. It is an easy to use product and everyone should have a couple in the house just in case.

Ruth Walker
5 months 2 weeks ago

I couldn't find these in the bloody stores. Prompt delivery and good price is what I like.

5 months ago

Prompt delivery and I was able to use the bags for the move. Cheers!

4 months 4 weeks ago

I know how it feels to be living in a bloody cramped space with nonsense you NEED, but don't need for months.... This will help you, I promise to it. I have now put all my winter clothing in the vacuum bag, and it fits easily under my bed where hopefully I do not have to touch it for a few months. I am completely satisfied.

4 months 3 weeks ago