The headboard is part of the complete Hanse sleep experience | Its timeless and fashionable fabrics make your bed a luxury design icon in your bedroom | Which is perfect for lounging, browsing your tablet, having a coffee, or reading a book | Remember to go back to the catalog to choose your fabric | if you have not already done so when choosing your boxspring

Integral part of the modern boxspring bed | Custom made to order | Perfect quality finish | Ideal for lounging and relaxing | Hotel top-quality experience 

Hypoallergenic suitable for house dust allergy | Handcrafted wood | Cover padded with high density foam | Choose from 30 elegant yet robust 230gsm fabric covers 


374.99£ incl. MwSt.
units per container


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I ordered the Thousand design with the Stockholm 803 fabric. It has a small opening near the top and it shows the color of the wall. Luckily, I planned the fabric to match the color scheme in my room. I couldn't be more pleased with this lovely headboard.

8 months 1 week ago

These headboards would class up any bedroom. Super afforadable and turns the bedroom from normal to above average. I ordered six rectangle headboard and it looks great. Simply yet elegant. I recommend

5 months 2 weeks ago

It has completely changed the look of my bedroom. The Six headboard creates an elegant and classy look that I love. I am certainly satisfied.

5 months ago