Hanse Bed Legs

Hanse Bed Legs

Bedlegs for your boxspring

Sizes up to 140x200cm have 4 legs | Sizes of 160x200cm and wider come with 8 legs | Please remember to order your boxspring




24.99£ incl. MwSt.


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Option 4 is perfect for low bed legs. The bed is off the ground, but there is not enough room that can be stored under. This is what I wanted and I will recommend this product to my friends. After all I am 72, I do not know want to use a latter to get into bed.

Edith. H
9 months 2 weeks ago

We bought option 1 for our bed and I feel comfortable. The legs are stable and they don't seem to show any scratches on our floor.

6 months 2 weeks ago

We ordered the metal option and they are so strong! Our bed does not budge and we feel safe even though we are much higher, than we are used too, off the ground.

5 months 2 weeks ago